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Eclipse™ Wind Power Gearbox

Solving the Gearbox Reliability Problem

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Premature gearbox failures present major issues in the wind energy industry. Low gearbox reliability and high repair costs combine to result in critical negative effects on the cost of wind energy production. Lost revenues result from (1) long down-times when energy cannot be produced, (2) the substantial expense of the large crane needed to lift a replacement gearbox into place and (3) the cost of the gearbox itself.

The Eclipse Gearbox overcomes the limitations of the planetary gear set and offers a practical, high-reliability gearbox for 200 kW to 20 MW wind turbines. It is a single-stage gearbox that can distribute the loads through multiple linkages.

Wind turbine gearbox reliability is a well-documented industry-wide concern. The Eclipse Gearbox is a high-reliability, novel gear set that can significantly reduce reliability problems. The gear set embodies a speed ratio of up to 300 to 1 in a single stage, which is achieved through an original configuration of gears: One gear rotates and provides a circular path for another gear. A rotational gear is attached a high torque shaft. Another gear is engaged with the rotational gear and translates on a circular path. The second gear is connected with linkages to a low torque shaft that resembles a crankshaft.

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