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Privacy Notice

Lestran Engineering will not gather personal information without the knowledge and consent of our visitors. We do not at this time use "cookies" or other methods for automatic information gathering. In order to provide our visitors with additional information on our products and services, we may ask visitors for their names, addresses and e-mail addresses. Additionally, we may choose to augment visitor information provided on our website with information from other sources. A method will be provided for any visitor receiving mailings or e-mail communications from us to opt out of those communications in the future.

All information provided to Lestran is private and confidential. Lestran will never share provided information with third parties without the consent of the provider, with the following exceptions:


Lestran may share information with wholly or partly owned subsidiaries. These subsidiaries will hold the information private and confidential in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Affiliated Businesses

Lestran works closely with a number of partners to develop comprehensive business and e-learning solutions. Lestran may share the name, address, phone number or e-mail address of visitors with these companies when appropriate to meet their requests or interests. Information will not be shared with our affiliates at the request of visitors who so request by phone or e-mail to "info" at lestranivt.com).


We may employ other companies and individuals to perform business functions such as package delivery, e-commerce design and maintenance, or consulting, on our behalf. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes.


Should an outside company acquire Lestran or substantially all of its assets, or should a division of the company become an independent entity, Lestran will transfer all relevant consumer data to the new entity.

Law Enforcement

Lestran will provide customer information when legally compelled to do so. We may voluntarily provide information to law enforcement upon condition of appropriate confidentiality in order to assist in an investigation of criminal conduct.

Credit Risk Reduction

Lestran may securely gather credit card or other financial information from participants in e-commerce transactions on its website. Lestran reserves the right to share such information with financial institutions and/or credit bureaus for the purpose of evaluating credit risk.

Lestran will disclose all information gathered about any site visitor to that visitor upon confirmed request.

Lestran will not gather information on any visitor known to us to be under the age of 13, nor conduct any transaction with any visitor known to us to be under the age of 18.

All visitors to this site agree that any dispute to this Privacy Policy or over e-commerce or privacy issues with this site in general is subject to arbitration in Texas under the laws of the State of Texas.

This privacy policy may change without notice. Visitor information gathered by Lestran is subject to the privacy policy in place at the time of the visit.

The Federal Trade Commission provides additional useful information about online privacy on its own Web site, www.ftc.gov.

Copyright © 2010 Lestran Engineering. Questions or concerns about this privacy policy can be addressed by contacting "info" at lestranivt.com or your Lestran representative.