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Lestran Engineering

Lestran Engineering is the creator of several novel gearbox technologies for vehicle and wind power applications. Our Orbital IVT™ Infinitely Variable Transmission provides vehicle makers with a low-cost. high-reliability, ultra-scalable IVT. Our Eclipse™ Wind Power Gearbox solves the gearbox reliability problem for wind power systems in a 300:1 single stage, lightweight package.

Orbital IVT™ Infinitely Variable Transmission

The Lestran Orbital IVT™ is a novel automotive infinitely variable transmission based on Lestran's patented oscillating torque technology. Until now, continuously variable transmissions have been the exclusive domain of small vehicles. The breakthrough technology of the Orbital IVT™ enables an infinitely variable transmission capable of supporting even the largest vehicles such as large military vehicles, long-haul trucks, or earth-movers.

Unlike conventional transmissions, the Orbital IVT™ controls the output torque instead of the output speed ratio. Infinitely variable torque, from zero torque to the full capability of torque output, can be produced with no clutching or torque conversion required at the input.

With only a few moving parts and simple machining techniques the Orbital IVT™ is low-cost, high-reliability, and high-performance.

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Eclipse™ Wind Power Gearbox

Solving the Gearbox Reliability Problem

The Lestran Eclipse™ Wind Power Gearbox is a novel gearbox based on our patent pending eclipse gear design. The Eclipse gear replaces traditional planetary gear sets to provide a single stage, high reliability gearbox for wind power systems. The Eclipse design is lighter, lower cost, and has a service life exceeding 50 years

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